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Biswajit Dutta (Dipak) - Indian Excellency Award

Biswajit Dutta (Dipak) - Indian Excellency Award

Set By : Biswajit Dutta (Dipak)

Kolkata, West Bengal
October, 2020

Special Recognition and Commendations are conveyed to Biswajit Dutta (Dipak), who has the unwavering commitment, who discovered himself, determined with vision, achieved with passion, chiseled his legacy by making a difference in exemplifying mankind, mastered his will to prove nothing is impossible to promote the Indian Folk in all forms of life.
Biswajit Dutta (Dipak) achieved the Indian Excellency Award from Kolkata, West Bengal, and adjudicated by Dr.GVNRSSS Vara Prasad, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, at Hyderabad, Telangana, India.