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Dhadigam Ram Sudhakar Sarma - Indian Humanitarian Award

Dhadigam Ram Sudhakar Sarma - Indian Humanitarian Award

Set By : Dhadigam Ram Sudhakar Sarma

Hyderabad    On this Thirty First Day of March, 2024

Indian Humanitarian Award


Dhadigam Ram Sudhakar Sarma

On this Thirty First Day of March, 2024

Exceptional Acclamation and Ovation are conveyed to Dhadigam Ram Sudhakar Sarma (Holds O-Negative Blood Group), who has an unwavering commitment towards society, achieved with dedication as a regular Blood Donor and maintains a rare Blood Group Directory of A-Negative, B-Negative, O-Negative, AB-Negative and Bombay Blood Group-Negative, chiseled his legacy as a Life Saver, mastered his will to prove nothing is impossible by for his selfless commitment, honesty, compassion, and inspiration for exemplifying the work towards the man kind in terms of co-ordinating and assisting 11,000 + (Eleven Thousand Plus) blood unit requests in which 700 Plus first time Blood Donors introduced to the system, and collaborated with many Blood Donation Organizations and NGO’s to inspire, motivate and encourage.

Indian Book of Records honored Dhadigam Ram Sudhakar Sarma, with “Indian Humanitarian Award” for the services rendered as an Emergency Blood Request Co-Ordinator adjudicated by Dr. GVNRSSS Varaprasad, Advocate, Supreme Court of India & Dr. Pavani, Adjudicator Indian Book of Records, at Hyderabad, Telangana, India.