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Kulkarni Ranga Charya - Indian Humanitarian Award

Kulkarni Ranga Charya - Indian Humanitarian Award

Set By : Kulkarni Ranga Charya

Hyderabad    28th Day of Mach, 2024

Indian Humanitarian Award


Kulkarni Ranga Charya

Exceptional acclamation and ovation are conveyed to Kulkarni Ranga Charya, who has an unwavering commitment towards society, achieved with dedication, chiselled his legacy, mastered his will to prove nothing is impossible for his selfless commitment, honesty, compassion, and inspiration for exemplifying the work towards the man kind in terms of Free Eye care, Free marriages, Bed Sheet Distributions, Free Books Distribution, Free Food Distribution during Covid-19 Pandemic, Providing Priest to Temples, Doing rituals to Un-Identified Bodies, to inspire, motivate and encourage.

“Indian Book of Records” proudly honours Kulkarni Ranga Charya, with “Indian Humanitarian Award” adjudicated by Dr. GVNRSSS Varaprasad, Advocate, Supreme Court of India & Dr. Pavani, Adjudicator Indian Book of Records, at Hyderabad, Telangana, India.