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N. Sai Poorvesh Shetty - INDIAN WORLD RECORD

N. Sai Poorvesh Shetty - INDIAN WORLD RECORD

Set By : N. Sai Poorvesh Shetty

Madakasira, Andhrapradesh    30th November 2023

Indian World Record


N. Sai Poorvesh Shetty

Exceptional acclamation and ovation are conveyed to N. Sai Poorvesh Shetty, S/o. K Nagamohan (DOB- 22/11/2019),who has achieved amazing feat’s memorized, performed and achieved at a young age with hands-on multiple learning activities, as an unparalleled mastery with versatile knowledge and his cognitive skills to become a Renaissance Polymath by identifying and reciting 50 medical equipment’s, colours, animals, fruits, answering about Sri Ramayana, Solar System, National Symbols, reciting stories about Mohini & Basamasura, How Lord Ganesh got elephant head, 4 slokas and 8 rhymes to inspire, motivate and encourage.

“Indian Book of Records” proudly honours N. Sai Poorvesh Shetty, with “Indian World Record” from Madakasira, Andhrapradesh, adjudicated by Dr. GVNRSSS Varaprasad, Advocate, Supreme Court of India at Hyderabad, Telangana, India.