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Smallest cow (height)

Smallest cow (height)

Set By : Diana

Kerala, India    9 November 2010

The shortest cow is Diana, a 7 year old Vechur cow, born and bred at the Vechur Conservation Centre, Kerala, India, who measured 77 cm (30 in) from the hoof to the withers on 9 November 2010.

Vechur is the world’s smallest cattle breed. This breed averages around 90 cm in height and about 130 kg in weight. It yields up to 3 litres of milk a day and requires very little by way of feed or maintenance.

The milk has medicinal qualities recorded by Ayurveda ages ago. In more recent times, studies at the Kerala Agricultural University have also shown the percentage of fats and total solids of the Vechur cow to be higher than that found in crossbred cows. The smaller size of the fat globules in the Vechur's milk makes it more suitable for infants and the sick.