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The Visionary with Unparalleled Mastery

The Visionary with Unparalleled Mastery

Set By : Sri Malla Reddy Garu

Hyderabad    15th of August 2023

The Visionary with Unparalleled Mastery


Sri.Ch.Malla Reddy

On this Fifteenth Day of August, 2023

Exceptional Acclamation and Ovation are conveyed to Sri CH.Malla Reddy,who is an example to the Nation and the one who is contributing his life by providing intellectuals for making Nation high. He imagined the impossible with a strong vision of the future by combining a vivid imagination with a desire for education with emotion, passion drive, by establishing Malla Reddy University to inspire, motivate and encourage the future generations.

Indian Book of Records honoured Sri CH.Malla Reddy as “The Visionary with Unparalleled Mastery” for the one who have no comparison, no parallel, or equal, unequalled, un matched personality, from Hyderabad adjudicated by Dr. GVNRSSS Vara Prasad, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, at Hyderabad, Telangana, India.