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Vedavyas PS - Indian World Record

Vedavyas PS - Indian World Record

Set By : Vedavyas PS

KERALA    Seventh Day of May, 2023

Indian World Record
Vedavyas P.S
On this Seventh Day of May, 2023
Exceptional acclamation and ovation are conveyed to Vedavyas PS, who has an unwavering commitment towards his out of the box talent, determined with a vision, achieved with passion, chiselled his legacy, mastered his will to prove nothing is impossible by performing “Greatest number of Urumi executions in 60 seconds is 230 times with both hands simultaneously.” to inspire, motivate and encourage.
Indian Book of Records, honoured Vedavyas PS, “Indian World Record” from Kerala with the Title - “First Indian to threw Urumi with both hands simultaneously is 230 times in 60Seconds”, from Rudra Kalari, Kerala and adjudicated by Dr.GVNRSSS Varaprasad, Advocate, Supreme Court of India & Dr K.J. Joseph, Adjudicator, Indian Book of Records at Hyderabad, Telangana, India.