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World's Largest 3D Quilling Dolls

World's Largest 3D Quilling Dolls

Set By : Lavanya Nallamalli & Bhagyasri

Chennai, Tamilnadu    March 2016

Special Recognition and Commendations are conveyed upon being recognized for outstanding attempt to spread the message"Go Green and Make Life Colourful" and "Education is Wealth"by creating the "World's Largest Quilling Doll" by Lavanya Nallamalli and Bhagyasri Deshpande which is made of Modpodge, Fabric Glue, Acrylic Colors, Asian Paints, Varnish and Newspapers by using 15500 (5mm) & 1500 (3mm) strips and 500 man hours to make 5 feet Three Dimensional Doll, have been appreciated and adjudicated by Dr. GVNRSSS Vara Prasad, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, at Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.